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  • W1-A
RFID and Code / waterproof / 2 relay outputs Reader with an integrated RFID... more
Product information "W1-A"
RFID and Code / waterproof / 2 relay outputs
Reader with an integrated RFID reader antenna for contactless RFID tags, cards, labels, fobs
Solid steel casing, matt, vandal and tamper-proof
Waterproof IP68 sealed
Total 1200 memory locations
1100 memory locations for relay 1
100 memory locations for relay 2
Transponders only or  Code only or Tag + Code
4-6 digit code length
Individual transponders deletable if lost
External door opener button can be connected
Tamper switch in the housing
Connection for door contact
For doors, gates, garages, shutters, etc.
Two relay outputs
Opening relay from 01 - 99 seconds adjustable
or as a bistable relay (maintained)
Switching time of the alarm output (sabotage) 1-3 minutes adjustable
Fail-safe EEPROM memory power
No PC connection
blue backlit keypad
Intergrated LED and beeper
Key tones switched off

Reading distance: up to 6cm
Dimensions: 135x58x26mm
Weight: ca.600g
Power supply: 12-24V DC or AC voltage
Current consumption: approx 60mA
Load relay: max. 2A
Transponder type: Universal 125kHz (EM4102 or compatible)

English and German Installation and operating instructions

Optional Accessories

Tags, Cards, Fobs

Reader (W1-C is indoor mounted)

Controller (W1-C is outdoor mounted as Reader)

Power Supplies

Locker & Strikes
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